The Practical Guide to
Experience Design

by Shannon E. Thomas

Whether you’re new to or experienced in the field of experience design, this book will support you in your practice as you make decisions, influence stakeholders, and bring experiences to life.

“I believe it will prove valuable to new designers and others hoping to understand how it's done in the real world, and is also a good resource for those of us that just need to double-check our goals.”

Hans Gerwitz, Global Head of Design Systems, Philips

high-fidelity example of a strategic roadmap

Get inspired by high-fidelity examples

Detailed descriptions are accompanied with high-fidelity examples, often highlighting multiple possible approaches to communicate and inspire your team, stakeholders, and clients.

Ambience Mirror sample project

Follow along with sample projects

Five sample projects can be followed through the book, making it clear how each method affects others, and how multiple methodologies can be woven together to create the perfect plan for your project.

high-fidelity example of a strategic roadmap

Learn how to adjust methodologies to fit your needs

With an emphasis on empowering the reader to find the most appropriate method based on context and desired outcome, goal-oriented descriptions help readers understand the big picture of how design processes work together.

About the Author

Shannon E. Thomas is a painter, designer, and struggling optimist living in Amsterdam. She is also the founder of Artificial Design.

Shannon is a creative leader with a history of building diverse and effective teams, collaborating with business and technology partners, and establishing inclusive processes within organizations. Using curiosity, passion, and humility, she works with global clients across industries to define opportunities and deliver marketable solutions.

After five years of running a boutique UX consultancy and observing designers grow from new employees to expert experience designers, she wrote The Practical Guide to Experience Design.

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