Define 13

Feature Definition

Products and services vary in scale and complexity, and finding a near- universal way to describe and compare them is a challenge. By breaking an experience into smaller pieces like features, it becomes easier to talk about how it will be designed, built, and ultimately used.

Feature-definition exercises help to align teams on how a product or service will deliver on the value promised to the user. Features should be consistent with the value proposition, with the most important features even being mentioned within it. Feature definition creates clarity by establishing requirements for often-ambiguous business needs and by helping teams prioritize aspects of an experience’s functionality.

Because features are the building blocks of your product or service, most activities you’ve done up to this point will feed into them. Most activities completed after will be to refine and add detail to features; therefore, it’s important to revisit features as a team regularly throughout the course of a project.

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Connected Bicycle

The design team helped make CityBike’s features more user oriented by adding user actions and contexts to existing stories.