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Experience Audit

Not all experience-design projects focus on new experiences. Often, experience designers are enlisted in improving an existing experience or determining how multiple experiences might integrate into one. Other projects might be fast-follower experiences seeking to disrupt the front- runner in the field. In any of these situations, an experience audit can be helpful to dissect and analyze the existing experience.

An experience audit is a systemic way of analyzing experiences with the purpose of uncovering opportunities for improvement. For fast-follower or redesign projects, the audit can establish a baseline experience or minimum-requirement set. Input from a competitive analysis and feedback from user validation can further support opportunities, while concept generation can use outputs as prompts for generating possible solutions.

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Connected Bicycle

CityBike’s experience audit takes the experience journey and maps its strengths and weaknesses. Opportunities for improvement are called out as they relate to the journey, while specific areas for improvement are called out below.