Define 16

Experience Journey

Experiences have many facets. They vary depending on the user as well as the touchpoint. The first use is rarely representative of ongoing use, while best- and worst-case scenarios might barely resemble each other. The experience journey aims to look beyond all of this to capture and distill an experience into a single path representative of most users’ engagements or desired engagements over time.

In addition to the moments that best summarize an experience, experience journeys show additional layers of information, such as emotion, affect, level of engagement, and so on. If you have multiple personas, you might highlight their unique contexts and goals throughout the journey. The format and layers of information that you choose to visualize should be determined by the complexity of the experience you’re seeking to represent and the audience to whom you’ll be presenting.

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Personal Intelligence

Ambience Mirror

The experience journey for Ambience Mirror looks at how the four personas engage with the same product over time. Across all personas, it seeks to capture general actions and levels of engagement, highlighting a single specific engagement within each illustration. Color highlights which moments the team has decided to prioritize across the experience.