Define 14

Offering Map

While a project might focus on the design of a single product or service, the user’s experience often extends beyond this. From discovery to retention, the user’s engagement involves many interactions across touchpoints. In many organizations, this requires coordination between multiple teams and departments. The offering map supports this coordination by mapping the many different aspects of the user’s experience into a single visualization. For a design team or a design agency, it can serve as a tool for planning future projects with stakeholders or clients.

Concept generation and feature definition are valuable inputs for understanding offerings, while the strategic roadmap can highlight when offerings will be available to users. Personas can be helpful to show not only where users engage with what but also how different users have unique experiences. While the offering map is similar to the experience journey in the information it presents, its focus is on the company or organization rather than on the user’s experience. If your project is simple and has relatively few stakeholders, you might not need an offering map.

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Observations Suite

The offering map for Observations Suite seeks to drive conversa- tions around prioritization for the first release of the product. It shows which feature clusters will be used by different roles over time, with channels clearly marked so that stakeholders can easily choose what’s most important and where users should interact with it.