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Technology Analysis

Technology analysis is a broad term for the strategic analysis of technology that should be done before undertaking the production of any new product or service. Even lacking a background in technology, an experience designer should be able to work with tech strategists to understand the basics of the technology required to enable a product or service. With experience, a designer should be able to make recommendations for, follow the patterns of, and identify common problems with various technologies.

A technology analysis seeks to discover what technological constraints exist and what enablers can support in fulfilling user needs or business desires. Of course this means that user needs and business desires should be at least loosely defined. Before you dive into researching various technologies, you should be able to describe your users, the value you’re providing to those users, and the general problems you’re seeking to solve.

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European Waterworks

Future of Boats

The technology analysis for the Future of Boats takes input from stakeholder and expert interviews as well as desk research to make predictions about the future, outlining which technologies will become relevant and when.

Personal Intelligence

Ambience Mirror

Ambience Mirror’s technology analysis focuses on finding which of the available technology options will provide the best user experience by addressing a series of specific concerns. This technology analysis also looks across the ecosystem to determine how the Ambience Mirror will share data with third parties.