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Expert Interviews

It’s not unusual for design teams to take on projects that fall outside their areas of expertise. In these situations, expert interviews can help to develop a fast and specific understanding of an industry, technology, or company, providing design teams insight into both its challenges and opportunities. Even if a design team is generally familiar with a topic, it can still be useful to do expert interviews to get a more nuanced understanding of the client’s specific challenges.

Aside from a better understanding of a subject, expert interviews support the design process by reducing the number of assumptions involved when the design team is making decisions. If you are unable to discuss your project with experts, you’ll likely need to do significant desk research to avoid making assumptions and uninformed design decisions. Of course, if you’re doing a project with a familiar company using familiar technology, expert interviews might not reveal much that you didn’t already know.

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European Waterworks

Future of Boats

Expert interviews for Future of Boats captured broad insights from experts across many relevant fields. Each insight has associated outcomes that are important for generating and refining concepts for the strategic roadmap.

Personal Intelligence

Ambience Mirror

Ambience Mirror interviewed engineers and health experts to better understand the technology behind and the current ecosystem around smart mirrors. The artifact highlights opportunities for the development of the product and service.