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When people refer to design, and especially the output of design, they’re usually referring to mock-ups. Mock-ups provide stakeholders with a realistic idea of what the product or service will look like and how it will behave. If you’re designing a physical product or space, the mock-ups are probably renderings, and if you’re designing a digital product or service, the mock-ups are probably designs of screens or pages.

Before approaching mock-ups, you should already have a thorough understanding of what the experience encompasses as well as how it looks and feels. Compared with gestural design, mock-ups need to be complete, consistent, and without mistakes. Similar to detailed design, they should consider edge and error cases, though they do not need to show every variation. With mock-ups, stakeholders should be able to understand, provide feedback about, and begin building the product or service.

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Connected Bicycle

Mock-ups for CityBike’s Connected Bicycle are presented in the context of key scenarios, providing stakeholders with a view into how the user will engage with both the on-bike display and the app over time.


Observations Suite

Observations Suite mock-ups show how top-level pages reformat to accommodate users on desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms.