Define 18

Strategic Roadmap

Products and services take time to develop, and being competitive often means releasing only a fraction of the overall vision at a time. While focusing on the details of the present, it’s easy to forget the big picture. This is where the strategic roadmap plays an important role, helping the team keep the end goal in mind while executing on a specific release.

Using inputs such as technology analysis and feature definition, a strategic roadmap is useful for laying out how an experience will change over time. Before a specific product or service is defined, a roadmap might be more inspirational, looking ahead to anticipate what experiences could fulfill emerging technologies and user needs. With an experience in mind, more realistic roadmaps might focus on showing the future of an individual product or service or of a company’s portfolio of products and services.

Aside from simply capturing goals over time, you might collaborate with business stakeholders, technology experts, and development or manufacturing partners to show the relationships between features and offerings and to highlight external dependences.

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European Waterworks

The Future of Boats

The inspirational strategic roadmap for the Future of Boats seeks to uncover potential and likely developments in waterway usage so that European Waterworks can better invest in and prepare for the future.


Observations Suite

Observations Suite uses a more realistic roadmap to plan an aggressive approach to designing, testing, and developing future iterations of their product. This roadmap has deadlines that the company hopes to meet and will need updating if and when plans change.